Friday, May 21, 2010

Sat Morn Ride (Amateur Style)

Amateur Team will be rolling from the Boulevard out to Eltham (Monsalvat) tomorrow morning at 8am. I'm still confirming numbers but at this stage we have Dellano, Didier and myself. Everyone is welcome but be warned we'll be taking it fairly slow (similar to last week). For those of you who might like a longer ride, simply break off towards Research or alike. Post your interest. Cheers.


  1. Ben. I might be out but early tomorrow - again another busy Staurday for me and have to spare my legs for an MTB Race on Sunday. Ill send you a text if I can make it or wave at you on the way back!

  2. I'm still out for a while, and will join you when I'm better. Have a good one.

  3. I'm going to roll earlier too, maybe I'll catch Crappos somewhere along the way.