Thursday, May 13, 2010

MTB Ride Sunday

For anyone who is looking for a little offroad action on Sunday I am planning on hitting the tracks at Lysterfield. Hoping for a 7:30 start from the top car park however if you get there later then Im happy to meet up for another lap and coffee at Trail Mix. Also the Chase the Sun Series starts at the end of the month - same day as the Melbourne Roubaix - so if anyone wants my ticket it is theres as I am going to be on the MTB that day. Anyway let me know if anyone is keen.


  1. Can't Sunday morning but maybe in the afternoon.

  2. Hmmm. Crook at the moment so depends on how I feel later on w/e.

    Also, I'll be on the SS. Will I survive riding a 39x18 there?

    I'll also grab the roubaix tix off ya mate.

  3. I'm off the bike for a couple of weeks
    cartilage damage