Sunday, May 9, 2010

So the first poll results are in and it looks like the verdict is they are just another fad, but also simple and functional. So who really cares - no one I guess. Anyway the a new poll is up and running thanks to Warrior Tri. If you have a question you'd like aired then send it through and well pop it up asap. Only 4 days to go on the shaved leg verdict! This is hard hitting stuff!


  1. Will Cadel win the tour?
    Shimano, Campag or SRAM?
    Carbon, steel or titanium?

  2. Cadel will most likely come first unless he bonks like last year.
    Stage 16 individual TT to Plan de Corones, 12.8 km max 24% with 1/2 of it on gravel. Sounds like a mtb course to me.
    Cadel's riding Campag so Campag is going to come first.
    Carbon, steel or Ti? Maybe plastic with a carbon wrap like campag record levers? Gold?
    What about drugs of choice? hgh, epo, thc?