Monday, May 3, 2010

Bendigo to Narromine

Well what can one say, what an experience to part take to help cancer suffering people its somewhat emotional to have achieved such epic journey and feel full of beans at the end!!!

Thanks so much for your support boys, I made you all proud by riding the wheels of my bike on a hard gear (of course) which are making funny noises now : (

so here I am boys after i had have broken by a whole six minutes after a 270k ride the previous day - the yellow jersey stayed with me the whole way

ahead of peloton catching up to support vehicle
Narromine, all bikes on board heading back to Bendigo 851k, then a further 150k for Alvi

Ready to do more endurance rides. I wish I could say the same for my bike but she sounds a bit sick from my grinding. 2500k count for the last three weeks.... ooops

thanks again boys


  1. Amazing Alvi. Congratulations on the epic ride. You must have legs of steel now.

  2. Alvaro. Congrats mate. We will have to get an OMERTA yellow jersey made up for you! So tell me which way you went? (Deniliquin, Narranderra, West Wyalong, Condobalin?) Did you see plenty of road kill and many grasshoppers?